Image Writing Software

  • Etcher - Available for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux

Base LFS SD-Card Image

Use this image as a base for your own project or as a build environment in which to construct your own distribution by following the PiLFS guide.

Login as root with password pilfs

You may want to resize the partition to fit your SD card

To connect to your Wi-Fi access point:

wpa_passphrase your_SSID your_password > /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant-wlan0.conf

DHCP is active by default. If you prefer static networking, modify and copy /etc/sysconfig/static.eth0 over ifconfig.eth0

A few extra packages has been added for convenience e.g. sshd, wget, tmux, git and Hexxeh's rpi-update

There's a list of them in /usr/src/installed_tarballs.txt

Complete Chapter 5 Toolchain

This is a complete stripped tools directory as it appears after completing chapter 5. Use it to jump start your build or as a chroot for QEMU user mode emulation.

QEMU System Emulation Images

This virtual disk image and kernel can be used to build LFS with QEMU system mode emulation.

Virtual Disk Image:

Linux Kernel: